As Ireland reaches near full employment, the big question is no longer how can I find a good job? Instead, the question that is causing employees concern is how can I advance my career?

Career progression, or lack thereof, can cause anxiety and stress but there are a number of methods to ensure you progress within a company, avoid career stalling and are always working to reach the next level – whatever stage of your career you are at.

Build a good reputation

It goes without saying that performing well at work will enhance your career progression. Carin Bryans, Senior Country Office at J.P. Morgan advises… “Whatever job you do, you must do it to the absolute best of your abilities. Once you do that, you start to get a reputation for getting the job done. Because I was seen to get things done at J.P. Morgan, people gave me more to do, so my role expanded over time.”

Develop a strong network – internally & externally

Ability is important to reach the next level, but the value of relationships shouldn’t be ignored. Being visible, offering opinions and developing a strong network within a company and externally will help build your reputation further and strengthen your emotional intelligence and soft skills. Carin speaks from her own experience… “To get things done, you need to be able to collaborate effectively with other people, influence and negotiate with them to help you to achieve what you need to do. That goes for both your internal and your external network.” Learn how to listen and work well with others and career progression will come.

Be curious & keep learning

As the world of work evolves the job you are doing today may not be the job you do in the future. By continuously learning you will be prepared for change. Upskilling doesn’t have to be formal, many companies now offer internal training but there are other ways to learn and grow.

Speak to colleagues outside your own department, ask questions to clients and your peers – by being curious you will develop a valuable external perspective. Carin confirms… “surround yourself with people who have a different viewpoint and very importantly, you have to listen to that viewpoint, even if sometimes it feels uncomfortable.”

Have a plan

There is a degree of luck to reaching the next level in your career but having a strategic plan will help you create your own luck. Carin advises… “you need to set a vision for where you want to go and you need to make sure that everyone understands it and is behind it. Keep coming back to that vision to keep people on the right road. Effective and frequent communication is crucial in achieving the required outcome.”

Whether you are a Managing Director, Executive or junior employee, to progress your career and silence any concern over career fulfillment work to build a reputation for being trustworthy, have a positive outlook and always remain curious.