Our Voluntary Code of Conduct

  1. Succession planning

    Support chair and nomination committees in developing medium-term succession plans. Help identify the balance of experience and skills that they will need to recruit for over the next 2-3 years to maximise senior management and board effectiveness.

  2. Diversity goals

    Be aware of overall senior management and board composition. In the context of the organisation’s agreed goals on diversity determine where to prioritise gender balance in recruitment.

  3. Defining briefs

    Recruitment and search firms will ensure that appropriate weight is given to relevant skills, underlying competencies and personal capabilities and not just proven career experience.

  4. Long lists

    Recruitment and search firms will endeavour to have at least 30% of the candidates from either gender on long lists.

  5. Candidate support

    Provide appropriate support, in particular to first-time candidates, to prepare them for interviews and guide them through the selection process.

  6. Supporting candidate selection

    Advise clients on how to run their interview process to demonstrate required rigour and professionalism and avoid unconscious bias.

  7. Embedding best practice

    Ensure the Code of Conduct is effectively communicated internally and externally and implement effective monitoring processes to ensure compliance.

  8. Sharing of data

    Within the spirit and regulations of Data Protection legislation, share information on gender composition during the recruitment process and promote successful case studies.