Case Study

Multinational Technology Company

Ardlinn Case Study
Ardlinn was engaged to attract six Senior Director’s (Sales & Operations) by a multinational technology company specialising in Internet-related Services and Products.

The Challenge

This company had a fantastic brand and proposition, but their recruitment process was extremely lengthy and challenging. The robust qualification criteria set out by the company ruled out many candidates from the very beginning.

Ardlinn’s Approach

Our team first identified all of our client’s key competitors across Europe, in addition to Fortune 50 companies. We researched their executive and senior management teams in granular detail, focusing on academic qualifications, speed of career progression, leadership successes, and reputation. From this we produced a long-list of 286 candidates, whom were then systematically and strategically engaged.  Due to the volume of roles and locations, we  gradually presented the client with only the top candidates for each position. Over an eight month period, we submitted only 22 candidates for client consideration.

The Result

Following 8 months of consistent and detailed work, our client had offered Senior Director positions to four candidates, and  Director level positions to two. Due to the success of this work, the client retained our team exclusively for a further 12 months.

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